PHYS 320 / 420

Introduction to Biological Physics, Fall 2020


Course Overview

How do fundamental physical laws constrain life processes inside the cell, shaping biological function? This course explores the nonequilibrium statistical physics of cellular machines: the molecular motors driving cell movement, the chaperones that assist protein folding, the information-processing circuitry of genetic networks. We will introduce the theoretical models that underlie the latest research findings, and explore the challenges of understanding the stochastic dynamics of complex systems. A detailed list of topics can be found in the syllabus.

Instructor:  Michael Hinczewski  (,  homepage)
Lectures:  MWF 3:20 - 4:10pm, online (e-mail me for Zoom link)
Office hours:  TBD


The lecture notes will be the main reference for the course, supplemented by readings from recent research articles related to the problem sets.


Details can be found in the introductory slides.