PHYS 320 / 420

Introduction to Biological Physics, Fall 2017


Problem Sets

Problem Set 1. Switching dimensions: beating the diffusion speed limit (due Monday, Sep. 25)

Problem Set 2. The perils of prions: mad cows and cannibals (due Monday, Oct. 9)

Problem Set 3. Chaperones to the rescue (due Wednesday, Oct. 25)

BIOREPS Problem Sets

Choose one of the following five. Deadline: Friday, Dec. 8.

A.   Cost and Precision of Brownian Clocks
Authors: N. Kodama, B. Kuznets-Speck, J. Moran, S. Musilli, N. Ramey, C. Weisenberger

B.   Models of Tumor Progression: Two-Type Branching Processes
Authors: M. Beem, B. Eck, M. Kang, A. Krajewski, L. Marcich, C. Reed, B. Shultes, A. Smerglia

C.   Hamsters, Cows, and Infectious Dimers: the Secret Life of Prions
Authors: J. Carlen, E. Larkin, E. Shanley, B. Sunday, L. Thompson, P. Turner, T. Wang

D.   The Physics of Chemoreception
Authors: R. Adkins, K. Darrah, A. Ferris, G. Santiago, G. Schumacher, J. Ziegler

E.   Of Protein Carts and DNA Railroads: Helicase Unwinding of DNA
Authors: M. Blachman, M. Conley, K. Crowley, S. Iram, J. Osborne, K. Premasiri